Dunne Vs. Trump

The anti-medicinal cannabis crusader, Honorable Mayor of Johnsonville, and El Presidente of United Future Peter Dunne has bizarrely abandoned local issues to take on POTUS Donald Trump via a ferocious open letter  that will be neither read nor sent.

Perhaps Mr Dunne is trying to expand his dwindling Party Membership toward dissatisfied Democrats.

Perhaps Mr Dunne is eyeing up a future electorate to retire in come  Oct 2017.

It is always difficult to read the motivations behind the mystical ways of the bow-tied master of fence sitting.

He has however on this occasion peaked my interest enough for to ask, just what are the differences between Dunne and Trump?

Let us see:

  • One has a bizarre hair style, and the other is Donald Trump
  • One has a political voice far outweighing his voter mandate, and the the other is Donald Trump
  • One has a habit of saying lots, doing little, and blaming other people for it, and the other in Donald Trump
  • One has a history of engaging in insult swapping on Twitter, and the other is Donald Trump
  • One comes from a town with no Mexican Restaurants, and the other is Donald Trump
  • One is a career politician who does what he is told to say in power, and the other is Donald Trump
  • One is a Billionaire making bank from unpaid bills, and the the other is Peter Dunne
  • One is the guy no-one picked to win, and the other is Peter Dunne
  • One divides opinion, makes headlines, and baits the media, the other is Peter Dunne
  • One has a Political Career in 2018, and the other is Peter Dunne

So there you have it,  a five minute once over lightly analysis that produced a clear win to Donald with a 10-nil thrashing.

What can Mr Dunne take from this?

Well Pete, Petey, Pete-sta, if you cant even beat Trump, mate it’s time to go.


100 Days or Hillary

The first 100 days of Hillary Clinton’s administration have been if nothing else historic.   Much celebration has followed the surprisingly narrow victory over antagonist Donald Trump (polls eh, who can trust em), with the World sharing  a collective sigh of relief.

The  tense days following the result, in which the ‘bragadocious’ one at first dismissed and later challenged the poll now seems but a distant nightmare.

The Ginger spectre did his best to whip up his poor misguided followers, the Rallys, the Chants, the Marches.  The drama was a sight to behold.

Yes a sight indeed, and what an opportunity.  Thank you  Mr Trump , without your pontificating the momentum for urgent additions to the Patriot Act would never have been reached.

And now the American People can rest easy in a new and historic era of calm.  Gone are the destabilising  stories of an outraged and disenfranchised middle America, replaced by a more sacarine flavour of a People United in celebration of the First Woman President .

Dispersed is the acrid smell of tear gas, replaced now by perfumed fragrance of freedom under the firm rule of law.

The streets are now filled with a different kind of noise.  The angry chants replaced by the frenzy buzz of worker bees, head down, striving to get just a little drop of precious honey.

The media now ever dutiful to the status quo have celebrated the ratification of the Trans Pacific Partnership as the saviour of the American economy, they have applauded the deployment of US troops to Syria on a  ‘Humanitarian Mission of Peace’, and the strong way in which President Clinton has stood up to Global Terrorist and all round bully Putin.

Yes pondered Hillary all is right with the world. All is as it should be.  The workers are working, the systems of upward wealth distribution remain in place, the machinery of war is still turning, the senate is awash with Democrats and a Woman is at last in charge.   Yes it is business as usual, what could possibly go wrong?